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Apple Cider

We pressed some apple cider this weekend.  Harold has been researching how to do it at home and this is what he came up with after watching other videos, etc.

Holcomb Cider Press

We bought a brand new garbage disposal.  We bought a 3/4 horsepower disposal and he mounted it to this plywood board.  This board is on a metal frame that he had made but never used.  The Sausage/Lard/Cider press is mounted on the end.


We started with a wheelbarrow load of apples.  Here we have two different kinds from our orchard.  We had to cut the wormy spots out.  We do not like to spray our fruit, so we end up with worms.

Cut up apples

We cut up the apples and put them into two buckets.  We did a mixture of the two apples.

Grinding up the apples

The next step was to grind up the apples using the garbage disposal.  Harold did both buckets of apples and that gave us one bucket of ground up apples.

Ground up apples

Once we were done grinding the apples up for that first load, We put the apples into a pillowcase sack that I had made.

Getting ready to press the apples

We put the sack into the press and then slowly pressed the apples.  We had a bucket hanging from the table to catch the cider.

Apple Cider

We then put the cider into jugs until we were able to can it.

Holcomb's Apple Cider

I went ahead and canned it after this.  We have learned that we should have let it set and then slowly pour it into jars so the sediment will stay out of the cider.  It still tastes good.  We will strain the next batch.  I water bathed the cider for 15 minutes, just like apple juice.


8 thoughts on “Apple Cider

    1. There are some things, but we just don’t talk about them, like a potato digger. He can’t figure that one out yet.


  1. Hi Cheryl and Harold,
    Ann shared your video with us. I called Jon over to take a look at Harold’s garbage disposal project. Jon watched and said that Yep! that would work. Jon and Harold are so much alike in that they can fix most any thing and usually make what they need given the opportunity. God gifted them with those great minds. We are blessed aren’t we Cheryl.

    1. We are truly blessed! I really appreciate all that Harold has done around our place.

      Have a great day.


    1. You can use a juicer and get apple juice. It will not be as tangy as apple cider. I have made apple juice in the past.


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