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Menu for May 2011

1 – Swiss Steak, mashed potatoes and vegetables

2. Black beans, rice, tortillas

3. Asian Pork Wraps (I will use the chicken recipe and replace it with pork), rice, and vegetables

4. Easy Hamburger Crock pot soup, pretzels

5. Pioneer Woman Enchiladas, rice, re fried beans

6. Fish, rice, vegetables

7. Taco soup and corn meal rolls

8. No Fuss chicken, rice, vegetables

9. Pepper steak, noodles, vegetables

10. Pioneer Woman’s Beans and corn bread

11. Potato soup and bread twists

12. Pioneer Woman’s chicken Cacciatore, noodles, vegetables

13. Fish, rice, vegetables

14. Crock pot Pasta Fagioli, fresh bread

15. Beef roast, potatoes, carrots

16. Burritos, Mexican rice, salad

17. Beef Hash, vegetables, rolls

18. Beef stew, biscuits

19. Mexican Peirogi Lasagna, vegetables, rolls

20. Fish, rice, vegetables

21. Potato, Ham, Broccoli Chowder, fresh bread

22. Slow Cooker San Francisco Chops, potatoes, vegetables

23. Sweet and Sour Chicken, noodles, vegetables

24. Red beans and rice, tortillas, vegetables

25. Pea soup, fresh bread

26. Ranch House chicken, vegetables

27. Fish, rice, vegetables

28. Cabbage stew, corn bread

29. Lasagna, vegetables, garlic bread

30. Steaks, skillet potatoes, vegetables, baked beans

31. Beef stir fry, rice, salad


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    1. Thanks. It makes my day easier when I have my menu planned. I don’t have to sit and think about what sounds good. Have a great day.


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