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Potato Wedges

I have been making these potato wedges.  Rather than buy potato chips a lot of times, we will make some of these to go with sandwiches.  Sometimes we will slice them into wedges, and other times we will slice them into circles.

Potato wedges (blue potatoes)


season salt

cooking spray

Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray and sprinkle with season salt.  Peel and slice the potatoes.  Place on the cookie sheet.  Spray the tops of the potatoes and sprinkle with a little more season salt if desired.  Bake in a 425º for about 8-10 minutes.  Flip the potatoes and bake some more until they are done.


3 thoughts on “Potato Wedges

  1. Wow… Your potato wedges look and are cooked in a very different way to mine. I’ve a bit more of a process to mine, but they really do taste divine. I’m sure yours do as well.. 🙂 but blue potatoes? That’s the first time I hear of blue potatoes…what are they?

    1. The blue potatoes taste just like a regular potato. They have a blue or purple skin. Inside there is some white, but for the most part it is blue or purple as well. We have found that the blue potatoes keep the best in our root cellar over the winter. We don’t notice a different taste. They do make more of a “dirty” mashed potato as compared to russet mashed potatoes.


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