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Beet Jelly

I got this recipe from Harold’s aunt.  This may seem weird, but it tastes like a berry jelly.  I have switched over to Pomona Pectin, but haven’t made it with that pectin yet.

Beet jelly

6 large raw beets

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 package powdered pectin

6 cups sugar

Peel raw beets, slice thin.  Place in covered pan and cover with at least 5 cups of water, and cook until tender.  Drain off and save the liquid.  Put the beets aside.  You can season them and reheat for a later meal.

Mix 4 cups of the beet juice with the lemon juice and pectin.  Bring to a full rolling bowl while stirring.  Add sugar, and continue to stir.  Bring back to a full rolling boil and boil for 3 minutes, while stirring.  Seal in a hot, sterilized jar.  Water bath for 10 minutes.


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